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Heartburn Prilosec vs Pepcid AC














Prilosec vs Pepcid AC


What is better for heartburn? Prilosec or Pepcid AC?

What prevents heartburn? Prilosec or Pepcid AC?


Prilosec, generic name Omeprazole, is a proton pump inhibitor. Prilosec blocks acid production at the source for heartburn relief. Omeprazole suppresses gastric acid secretion to prevent heartburn and heartburn relief. Name brand Prilosec and generic omeprazole prevent heartburn the same way. Prilosec is absorbed in the small intestine within 3–6 hours but may not provide heartburn relief for 24 hours. Most people get heartburn relief quicker. Prilosec is not designed to treat heartburn when heartburn symptoms occur but to prevent heartburn. It is highly recommended to take Prilosec with a  glass of water on an empty stomach for maximum heartburn prevention.


Pepcid AC, generic name Famotidine, is a H2-Receptor-Blocker. Pepcid AC works by temporarily shutting off acid production in the stomach to treat heartburn. Some famotidine heartburn medications are combined with antacids to provide heartburn relief.


What is the difference between Prilosec and Pepcid AC for providing heartburn relief? Pepcid AC is less effective and for people who have mild heartburn a few times a month. Prilosec is stronger and longer lasting for people who have heartburn often and for people with GERD disease. Prilosec is an excellent heartburn medication that provides 24 hour heartburn relief.


GERD or Heartburn?


Gerd is a more severe than heartburn that causes damage to the esophagus. Prilosec is the gold standard for treating gastroesophageal reflux disease and is used to treat peptic ulcer disease. Prilosec was once by doctor prescription only for heartburn relief but is now available over the counter to anyone who wants to prevent heartburn. GERD has more symptoms than heartburn such as difficulty swallowing, regurgitation of food, and chest pain. Only a doctor can diagnose if it is GERD or heartburn.


You can find both Prilosec and Pepcid AC at grocery stores, pharmacies, and online. Pepcid AC is less expensive than Prilosec, but if you need heartburn relief that lasts all day then Prilosec is the better choice. If taken daily Prilosec will prevent heartburn from occuring and provide relief from heartburn.

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